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Why choose Blueseal Bike Bearings


High Quality Low Friction Close Contact Seals - Keeps the muck out and the grease in.

Max Fill of Mobil XHP 222 Waterproof Grease - Premium grease with high wash out resistance.

ABEC 3 Rating - Strong composition and super smooth.


Blueseal Bike Bearings are bike specific bearings, designed by bikers to endure adverse biking conditions.

Blueseal Bike Bearings have high quality close contact rubber seals. The tighter the seal is to the bearing race the harder for water and dirt to get in and the grease to get out!

Blueseal Bike Bearings contain the maximum fill of Mobil XHP 222 grease possible without compromising the function of the close contact rubber seals. Mobil XHP 222 is a marine specific grease that boasts high wash out resistance and the best protection against dirt, rain and muddy water. 

Standard stock bearings are designed for use in machinery and contain very little amounts of non-specific bearing grease (Approx. 20%). This offers little protection against rain and dirt ingress.

Blueseal Bike Bearings are ABEC 3 Rated as standard, these run smoother & last longer. Most non-specific bearings are ABEC 1 as standard.