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15267 MAX | 15mm x 26mm x 7mm | Blueseal Bike Bearings™

Blueseal Bike MAX Bearings™ are 40% stronger and designed specifically for frame suspension pivots.

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Unlike standard bearings, Blueseal Bike Bearings™ are bike-specific bearings, designed to withstand the unique challenges faced by a bike bearing. 

ABEC 3 rating, a complete fill of premium waterproof grease and close-contact rubber seals makes Blueseal Bike Bearings™ the obvious choice for bicycles. 

  • Bearing Code: 15267 MAX
  • Dimensions: 15mm * 26mm * 7mm
  • Brand: Blueseal Bike Bearing
  • ABEC: 3
  • Grade: 10
  • Seals: 2RS
  • Grease: Mobil 462 Premium Marine 
  • Application: Frame Pivots

N.B. Many other bearing manufacturers add extra numbers to their codes or follow them up with other letters e.g., 61802 2RS or 61903 VRS. These are just slight variations to the code and not the spec of the bearing. If the dimensions match, then they are the same bearing. i.e. 61803 VRS will be the same as 6803. 

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15267 MAX | 15mm x 26mm x 7mm | Blueseal Bike Bearings™

£7.19 GBP

About Blueseal Bike Bearings™   

About Blueseal Bike Bearings™   

ABEC 3 Full Complement

Most non-bike specific bearings are ABEC 1 as standard. Blueseal Bike Bearings™ are all ABEC 3 Rated, this higher class of bearing runs smoother & last longer. 

Max. Fill Premium Grease

Standard bearings contain a small amount of basic bearing grease (Approx. 20%) which offers little protection towards corrosion and rain and dirt ingress.

Blueseal Bike Bearings™ contain the maximum fill of Mobil waterproof grease possible without compromising the function of the close-contact rubber seals.

MAX = 40% Stronger

MAX full complement bearings have no retaining cage. This extra space created allows for a maximum fill of ball bearings.

This results in greater radial and axial load capacity over standard bearings (40% stronger)

Close Contact 2RS LLB Seals

Blueseal Bike Bearings™ have top-quality LLU 2RS close-contact rubber seals. The tighter the seal is to the inner bearing race the harder for water and dirt to get in and the grease to get out!

100,000's Bearings Sold - Trusted for Over 15 Years   

100,000's Bearings Sold - Trusted for Over 15 Years we are an independent business with over 15 years of hands-on experience in the bike-bearing industry. Using our expertise we only stock the best bearings that are suited for use in bicycles.

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