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Hope Bottom Bracket 30mm Bearing Kit - 6806 LLB 30 x 42 x 7mm | Blueseal Bike Bearings™

Blueseal Bike Bearings™ are designed specifically for use in bicycles with extra grease, superior seals and extended life.

++ Upgrade you material for enhanced corrosion resistance.

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2 x 6806 LLB

Blueseal Bike Bearings™ are specifically designed for use in bikes and contain a full fill of Mobil XHP 222 grease and close contact seals to keep the grease in and the muck out. The price is per pair of bearings.

  • Bearing Codes: 6806, 61806, BB30, PF30
  • Dimensions: 30mm * 42mm * 7mm
  • Brand: Blueseal Bike Bearings
  • ABEC: 3
  • Grade: 10
  • Seals: LLB
  • Grease: Mobil XHP 222 Premium Marine 
  • Application: Bottom Brackets, Hubs

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    Hope Bottom Bracket 30mm Bearing Kit - 6806 LLB 30 x 42 x 7mm | Blueseal Bike Bearings™

    Material Upgrades

    Black Oxide Coating

    Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

    Black oxide coatings enhance overall reliability by preventing corrosion, reducing wear, and improving the durability of bearings.

    Stainless Steel

    Superior Corrosion Resistance

    440C Stainless Steel with 16-18% Chromium. Provides the highest corrosion resistance especially in poor wet conditions.

    About Blueseal Bike Bearings™   

    About Blueseal Bike Bearings™   

    Hope Pro 2 Rear Hub Bearings | Blueseal Bike Bearings™ - Trailvision - Bicycle Bearing Suppliers

    ABEC 3 as Standard

    Most non-bike specific bearings are ABEC 1 as standard. Blueseal Bike Bearings™ are all ABEC 3 Rated, this higher class of bearing runs smoother & last longer. 

    Max. Fill Premium Grease

    Standard bearings contain a small amount of basic bearing grease (Approx. 20%) which offers little protection towards corrosion and rain and dirt ingress.

    Blueseal Bike Bearings™ contain the maximum fill of Mobil waterproof grease possible without compromising the function of the close-contact rubber seals.

    Designed For Bicycles

    Specially engineered bicycle bearings. Designed for maximum efficiency, they outperform standard bearings.

    Close Contact 2RS LLU Seals

    Blueseal Bike Bearings™ have top-quality LLU 2RS close-contact rubber seals. The tighter the seal is to the inner bearing race the harder for water and dirt to get in and the grease to get out!

    100,000's Bearings Sold - Trusted for Over 15 Years   

    100,000's Bearings Sold - Trusted for Over 15 Years we are an independent business with over 15 years of hands-on experience in the bike-bearing industry. Using our expertise we only stock the best bearings that are suited for use in bicycles.

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    Bottom bracket bearings

    Good quality bearings and quick delivery....recommended

    william clarke
    Hope 30mm bottom bracket

    Super smooth bearings excellent service